Bihar Museum to get ready by March 2015

First Published by BP Staff on 21 Feb, 2012 at 12:54 PM IST under Bihar, Patna, Tourism, Travel

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Patna MuseumMuch awaited Bihar Museum would be finally designed by a Japanese firm Maki & Associates . It was disclosed by by Culture minister Sukhda Pandey on Thursday. Mumbai based Opolis Architects would also contribute to the Architectural Design. They have been selected after screening the proposals of 26 agencies.

The Project’s deadline is March 2015. It will be located along the Bailey Road.

A separate Buddha museum would also be constructed at Vaishali. Bihar government has also identified 35 acres of land in Vaishali district it. The holy relics of Lord Buddha, presently kept in the Patna Museum, would be shifted to the Vaishali museum.

Historic Patna Museum is also being upgraded to meet the growing tourist requirements. An open-air sculpture park would soon be developed on the campus of Patna Museum. A cafeteria will also be opened there. Facilities for drinking water and toilets are also being developed on the museum premises.

An exhibition, which will showcase major events and developments of Bihar during the last 100 years, will begin at the Patna Museum on Friday and added the exhibition would remain open for visitors till March 22.

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