India launches Rs 5 Coins with the photo of Bhagat Singh

bhagat singh 5 rupees  coinReserve Bank of India has decided to bring out Rs 5 coins bearing the picture of great freedom fighter,Saheed Bhagat Singh. The coin would have a diameter of 23 mm.

One face of the coin will be divided into three portions with two horizontal lines and bear the Lion Capitol of Ashoka Pillar as well as the denominational value of Rs 5, RBI said.

The other side will have the portrait of Bhagat Singh, with the words “Shahid Bhagat Singh Birth Centenary” in English. The figures 1907-2007 shall be shown below the portrait in International Numerals.

Incidentally Bhagat Singh’ centenary was observed in September 2007. Earlier a set of Rs 100 and Rs 5 commemorative coins was introduced in 2010 but only as a souvenir. Earlier Bhagat Singh too had been termed as terrorist.

Many people are also  demanding Bhagat Singh pictures on currency notes and a campaign too had been going on at social networking sites especially face book and you tube with a group formed over the name ‘Teri photo bhagat siho kyon ni lagdi notaan te” (Why your picture Bhagat Singh is not on currency notes). Many songs of the same title too are doing the rounds.