Village Children in Bihar to wear Electronic Taveez

Bihar Government has come up with a unique way to identify the medical history of Children. Each Child would be wearing Taveez or amulet fitted with a radio frequency identification chip with their complete medical history.

The initiative is part of the Bihar Innovation Lab project by innovation consultancy firm Centre for Knowledge Societies (CKS), with support from the Bihar government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, launched on Friday. This project will help in immunizing children, labour process tracking for Pregnant Women etc.

A vaccine delivery kit, the prototype of which was at display during the lab launch, will be the first service provided by the lab by mid next year. It will serve as a mobile workstation for Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) and auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM), supplied with vaccines, infographic guide to correct vaccine practices for the healthcare workers, generic medicines, birth control pills, condoms etc.

The other innovations that the lab will focus on include oxyegen therapy.

“Small oxygen pumps will be provided at the local level for people who find it difficult to breathe, and also organizing village health and nutrition days where sugar level, blood pressure, malnourishment etc will be checked by experts. However, all this is still in the development stages,” said Aditya Dev Sood, founder, CKS.