Ministry wise Fund Allocation in 2013-14 Annual Budget of India

Annual Budget of 2013 has upped the Total Expenditure in Every Department and  Ministries of the Government, a sign of reviving economy. Most of the Ministries have witnessed an increase in the Fund Allocation by 10 -20 Percent compared to 2012-13. Lets take  a look of the Fund Allocation in the Budget 2013-14 Ministry-wise.

Agriculture Ministry

In order to boost food production  Chidambaram proposed an outlay of Rs.27,049 crore for the agriculture ministry, up 22 percent over the revised estimates of 2012-13. “The outlay for agriculture ministry will be Rs.27,049 crore,” said the finance minister while presenting the union budget 2013-14. “Out of this, Rs.3,415 crore will go for agricultural research,” he said. The finance minister also set apart Rs.10,000 crore for the National Food Security Act, which the government hopes to pass in the current session.

Ministry of Social  Justice

The social justice ministry has got a sizeable jump of 31 percent in the 2013-14 budget at Rs.6,725 crore ($1,254 million), with special focus on boosting welfare of the Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC).  Welfare projects of the SC, ST and backward classes have been hiked by over 24 percent. Last year, the allocation was Rs.4,352 crore ($811.17 million), which has been increased to Rs.5,430 crore ($1,012 million). Welfare projects for the handicapped has got Rs.523 crore ($97.547 million).

Ministry of Culture

The culture ministry has been allocated Rs.2,062 crore (over $362 million), up from the last fiscal’s revised estimates of Rs.1,450.15 crore (approximately $270 million) in the  Budget 2013.  The budget has earmarked Rs.1,425 crore (approximately $270 million) under the plan head and Rs.627 crore (over $108 million) under non-plan head. The biggest share has been set aside for the Archaeological Survey of India, at Rs.555 crore (approximately $92 million) against Rs.483.50 crore (over $72 million) in the last financial year.

Ministry of Tourism

The government has hiked the allocation for the tourism sector to Rs.1,297.66 crore ($23 million) in the 2013-2014 budget from Rs.1,110.96 crore ($20 million) in 2011-12 keeping in view the importance of the sector as a potential revenue earner. The increase is Rs.87.66 crore ($ 16.2 million approx) compared to last year. The allocation for plan projects and schemes for the benefit of northeastern region and Sikkim has been hiked from Rs.121 crore ($22 mn) to Rs.129 ($23 million approx).  The allocation under this head in the budget for 2011-2012 was Rs.110 crore ($20 million approx).

Urban Development Ministry

The allocation for the urban development ministry has been increased by 26 percent in 2013-14 at $1,547 million. In 2012-13, the ministry had received $1,300 million.  Of the allocation, Rs.8,296.74 crore ($1,547 million), Rs.7,312.50 crore has been been earmarked as plan expenditure and Rs.984.24 crore as non-plan expenditure.  The allocation for the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission has been increased from Rs.22.70 crore in 2012-13 to Rs.55 crore in 2013-14, while Rs.1,646 crore has been set apart for for water supply and sanitation.

External Affairs Ministry

Chidambaram  proposed a hike of over 16 percent in the external affairs ministry budget in 2013-14 at Rs.11,719 crore ($2.154  Bn), with aid to neighboring countries getting special focus. Aid to neighboring countries, barring Maldives, has seen a significant boost in the budget.  For Bangladesh the budget has allocated Rs.580 crore, a major hike over the outlay of Rs.30 crore last year, though the revised estimate was much higher at Rs.280 crore.

For Bhutan, the budget has allocated aid of Rs.3,614 crore over the revised estimate of Rs.3.409 crore. Bhutan king Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck was chief guest at this year’s Republic Day parade after the Sultan of Oman declined. Nepal is another important neighbour, with the budget allocating aid of Rs.380 crore, over the revised estimate of Rs. 270 crore.  Sri Lanka has been allocated a major hike of Rs.500 crore aid in the budget compared to the revised estimate of Rs.290 crore last year.  However, Maldives, with which relations appear to have become strained of late after the Maldivian government snapped the airport contract with GMR and after former president Mohamed Nasheed sought refuge for 11 days this month to escape an arrest warrant, the aid allocation is just Rs.30 crore.

Rural Development Ministry

The rural development ministry got a 46 percent hike in its allocation in the 2013-14 annual budget.  “We estimate that they will be able to spend Rs.55,000 crore ($10,258 million) before the end of the current year. I propose to allocate Rs.80,194 crore ($14,957 million) in 2013-14,” Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said in his budget speech. The rural development ministry runs the government’s flagship programmes like the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) and the Indira Awas Yojana (IAY). Under revised estimates, the MGNREGS will get Rs.33,000 crore ($6,154 million) as compared to Rs.29,000 crore ($5,408 million) last year.

Ministry of Sports

Chidambaram allocated Rs.1,219 crore to the ministry of youth affairs and sports for 2013-14, an increase of Rs.214 crore from the last financial year. Of the Rs.1,219 , Rs.250 crore will be used to set up the National Institute of Sports Coach in Patiala, leaving Rs.969 crore at the ministry’s disposal. Looking at a further division of the fund, Rs.792.72 crore has been kept aside for sports while the youth department gets Rs.301 crore.  India next prepares for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and Asian Games, which will be a crucial stepping stone for the Indian athletes ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Ministry of Home Affairs

Home ministry’s budget outlay for 2013-14 has seen a six-fold hike in allocation for police modernization and increase in funds for organisations dealing with terror threats. The outlay under ‘police’ has been increased from Rs.43,739 crore in the revised budget estimates of the current fiscal to Rs.52,264 crore for 2013-14.  The assistance to states for modernization of police forces has risen sharply from Rs.300 crore in the revised budget estimates of 2012-13 to Rs.1,847 crore .

Delhi Police

Delhi Police was allocated Rs.4,555.21 crore  in the 2013-14 union budget, up 16 percent from the last fiscal. For the up-gradation of training, induction of latest technology and installation of traffic signals, the budget gave police Rs.1 crore, Rs.2 crore and Rs.4 crore. There is a substantial increase in the outlay for construction of houses for personnel to Rs.163.90 crore from last fiscal’s allotment of Rs.25.40 crore.


The National Intelligence Grid, which seeks to link intelligence databases to combat terrorism and improve capability to counter threats to internal security, has been allocated Rs.66.50 crore. The grid had been given an outlay of about Rs.11 crore in revised estimate of 2012-13. The outlay of Intelligence Bureau had been hiked from Rs.1,040.96 crore in the revised estimates to Rs.1,196.58 crore in the 2013-14 budget.  The outlay for National Investigation Agency has gone up from Rs.72.7 crore to Rs.103.8 crore.  Assistance for ‘Naxal Management’ has been increased from Rs.20 crore to Rs.40 crore and assistance to counter-insurgency and anti-terrorist schools from Rs.9 crore to Rs.20.50 crore.  The outlay under Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems has been increased from Rs.85 crore in revised budget estimates to Rs.276.25 crore for 2013-14.

Ministry of Defense

India  has  hiked its military spending to Rs 203,672 crore (Rs 2.03 trillion/$37 billion), an increase of five percent over the Rs.193,407 crore outlay for 2012-13 but an increase of 14 percent in real terms.  The budget hike, in real terms, amounts to Rs. 25,168 crore ($4.57 billion) over the revised estimates of Rs 178, 504 crore for the fiscal ending March 31. It translates into 14 percent increase.

Ministry of Drinking Water

Govt.  allocated Rs.15,260 crore ($2.77 billion) to the ministry of drinking water and sanitation to expand and improve drinking water supply in the country.  Chidambaram said there were still 2,000 arsenic and 12,000 fluoride-affected rural habitations in the country. “I propose to provide Rs.1,400 crore towards setting up water treatment plants,” he said.



The union budget 2013-14  earmarked Rs.1,815.47 crore for computerisation, augmentation of the judicial infrastructure, reforms and erasing the backlog of over three crore cases.  While Rs.756 crore have been allocated for the infrastructural facilities for judiciary under the centrally-sponsored schemes, Rs.155 crore higher than the current fiscal’s allocation of Rs.601 crore. The National Mission for Justice Delivery and Legal Reforms has been allocated a sum of Rs.44 crore even though the government trimmed its allocation of Rs.37.50 crore for 2012-13 fiscal to Rs.50 lakh in the revised estimates.