Why are Indian Girls so crazy about eating Pani-Puri ?

Girl Eating PanipuriAsk any Pani-Puri ( or Golgappa) vendor on the streets, and they will tell you that their biggest customers are Girls. Infact guys are nowhere compared to girls, when it comes to per-capita Pani-puri Consumption. It needs some extensive research to find out the exact relationship between Indian Girls and Pani-puri. Here we only try to find out the cause of obsession for them.

1. Indian girls like pani-puri as most Indians like and also because it can not be prepared by most of them in the kitchen (similar to why North Indians like idlis and south Indians love paneer items)

2. Girls in India rarely find a valid reason to linger around roadside. Guys smoke, roam or just go on bikes. For a girl gang in sub-urban India panipuri provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the open-air ambience.

3. People are crazy about things which get viral. Panipuri can be made within minutes and easily served and sharable ( 5 in a plate) and one can buy it with a single ten rupee note.

4. Girls love being presented a variety in my palate, and so, Pani Puri is an all-time favourite snack, Moreover, it being a light food, they don’t have to worry about getting fat!

5. Pani Puri is spicy and tangy and sweet, all at once, such varied tastes, embedded at such a reasonable price!

6. Golgappas are not affected by ‘CLIMATE’. You can have Pani-Puri’s in summers, and in winters. It’s not a weather-specific food.

7. Bargain!!, One can always BARGAIN for an Extra-Puri, after you’ve finished off your plate, no other food offers you that liberty! That’s the best part of it all!

8. Women like sour things at times in their mens cycle. Ask someone in Organic chemistry who can tell you more on this. You’d see the woman saying bhaiya katta dena aur tikha dena.