Yasin Bhatkal married Zahida faking as Imran of Lucknow

Zahida is a 21 year old woman living in  Okhla area in Delhi. It is said that she is the wife of IM Co-founder Ahmed Siddibapa alias Yasin Bhatkal alias Dr. Shahrukh.   Amid media reports of Bhatkal’s arrest, she has been center of attention of neighbours and Police. Her neighbours tell that Bhatkal married without telling her who he was. He told her that he was Imran and his native place was Lucknow.

“We have not seen him much. Months after the marriage, he had left Zahida with her parents promising to return after some time but he never did”, a neighbour said talking to a news channel.

While his wife couldn’t be reached, neighbours quoted her saying, “Our last contact with him (Yasin) was two years ago. I am glad he is arrested. My husband in jail will be released“.

At Bhatkal, his family released a Press Statement claiming his innocence.  The Statement said, “we have complete faith in Judicial system. He should be punished if he is proved guilty after due process of Law has been followed. The Cardinal principle that every person is innocent until proved guilty by law should be followed”, said the statement.

“We have not seen him for seven years. He was an innocent boy when he was here. He went to Dubai in 2007 and disappeared from there in 2007”, said the Press release.

Talking to media persons, his father however says that he still hopes that Ahmed Sidibapa is not Yasin Bhatkal. “I don’t even know if it is my son. Today we got a notice from the police that they have arrested him. I have to see him to believe it is him“, says Zarar Siddibapa, his father.