Remains of Ancient Tiladhaka University unearthed at Nalanda

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Nalanda: The Remains of 5th Century Tiladhaka University has been unearthed by Archaeologists at a Buddhist monastery site at Telhara in Nalanda district of Bihar.

The University was established in 5th Century AC during Gupta period and historical references of its presence dates to 7th Century AD when Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang visited India. Hiuen Tsang had written about as many as 7 Buddhist Monasteries operating at Nalanda.

Chances are that it was established by King Sakraditya of the Gupta Dynasty, who has been confirmed to have founded Nalanda University.

The Excavation of a 45-foot high mound led to the discovery of Tiladhaka University. The Team of Archeologists discovered a huge floor, statues of bronze and stone and over 100 seals from the excavation site.

Tiladhaka (or Teledhaka) University was contemporary to the ancient Nalanda University, however it was not so well known among Historians. No clues could be established about when and why did this University got destroyed.

After Nalanda and Vikramshila, The Tiladhaka University would definitely reinforce the image of Bihar as the Ancient Center of Learning.

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