Offshore links of pro-Khalistan militants busted in Punjab

Amritsar, Punjab, April 21 : Punjab police has busted a militant module in Batala district which was being operated by a Europe-based radical militant group.A huge cache of arms and ammunitions was recovered from the militants who were planning to create religious and political instability in Punjab by fanning communal passions in the state.This module was being operated by Shaminder, alias Sherry, from Germany who was further getting directions from senior militants in Belgium.India successfully decimated the sleeper cells in the country years back but now these terrorists who indirectly operate at the directions of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) have a large network spread across Europe and America.Some of them are provided safe havens in Pakistan by the ISI.Pakistan has constantly been orchestrating attacks against India by providing finance and weapons to these militants.It has always been manufacturing and spreading propagandas to destabilize the Indian society. However, it has failed miserably each time.

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