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By IANS On 31 Jan, 2014 At 05:36 PM | Categorized in World
Anni Dewani and husband Shrien Dewani

London: A court in Britain overruled an Indian-origin businessman’s plea against extradition to South Africa to stand trial for his wife’s murder during their honeymoon trip, media reported. The man argued that he is mentally unfit to stand trial. A panel of three high court judges, headed by the Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas of…Continue Reading…

By IANS On 9 Aug, 2012 At 03:45 PM | Categorized in World

South African accused of killing Indian-origin honeymooning bride Anni Dewani in that country has been jailed for 25 years. Mziwamadoda Qwabe pleaded guilty to murder, kidnapping, robbery and illegal possession of a firearm, the Telegraph reported Wednesday. However, South Africa is still awaiting extradition of her British husband Shrien Dewani, accused of masterminding the November…Continue Reading…

By IANS On 25 Jun, 2012 At 11:43 AM | Categorized in World
Anni Dewani and husband Shrien Dewani

A fresh Controversy has sparked in the killing of Anni Dewani , an Indian Origin Woman who was murdered on her Honeymoon trip to South Africa. An apparel maker has launched T-Shirt with Message,  “Dewani Tours – treat your wife to a killer holiday” which apparently refers to the killing of Indian-origin honeymoon bride Anni Dewani in Gugulethu township…Continue Reading…