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By IANS On 2 Apr, 2012 At 05:46 PM | Categorized in Nation

Kingfisher Boss Vijay Mallya has wrote its employees that all their over dues would be paid in April. “All junior staff will be paid before Easter, April 4. All pilots and engineers will be paid April 9 and 10,” he wrote. “My focus now is to start paying your seriously overdue salaries.” Mallya assured his…Continue Reading…

By IANS On 12 Mar, 2012 At 03:28 PM | Categorized in Business
kingfisher airlines

Kingfisher is getting blows after blows in the Airline Industry. A fresh trouble started today when  at least 30 flights either being cancelled or clubbed as several pilots and other staffers failed to report for work to protest delays in salary payments. At least 13 flights from Mumbai were cancelled, while reports said there was…Continue Reading…

By IANS On 8 Mar, 2012 At 01:54 AM | Categorized in Business
kingfisher airlines

Kingfisher Airlines suffered a big blow when International Air Transport Association  suspended it from its inter-airline transaction body for failure in settling dues since February. This is the second time Kingfisher has been suspended The move — which is akin to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) removing a commercial bank from its currency clearing system — came…Continue Reading…

By IANS On 4 Mar, 2012 At 07:35 PM | Categorized in Business, Nation
kingfisher airlines

 Kingfisher Airlines which is facing severe cash deficit has  refuted any  chances of  shutdown as a section of pilots have threatened to boycott work without pay and dues being given to them. The development comes after Kingfisher’s chief executive Sanjay Aggarwal met pilots Thursday and sought their cooperation. However other reports also said that Aggarwal…Continue Reading…