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By Amanpreet Singh On 8 Jun, 2012 At 05:23 PM | Categorized in Bollywood
Veena Malik

Pakistani Diva Veena Malik has come out in full support of Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage. She says that she respects the equality for every citizen. Veena malik said, “I openly supporting the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community and I don’t feel shy about doing it. If American President Barak Obama and Hollywood…Continue Reading…

By Nilesh Yadav On 30 May, 2012 At 05:09 PM | Categorized in Bollywood
Veena Mallik Salsa

Pakistani Diva Veena Malik has been spotted dancing to the steps of Madonna.  In a commercial  for Stay On she would be performing Madonna Salsa . Excited Veena Malik Said, “Dancing is my passion. I love Dance and a Salsa is a new thing for me. I am quite nervous and excited about this project.…Continue Reading…