Patna Junction to have Automatic Escalators for Passengers

Escalator at Patna Railway JunctionPatna: The Patna Junction is not more a junk yard. It is one of the very few railway stations of the country where Escalators would be installed for the convenience of passengers.

Escalator is a moving staircase – a conveyor transport device for carrying people between floors of a building.  The Escalators would make it easy for people to move between platforms via Foot Over Bridge. This would be a great relief to the Elderly, Pregnant Females and Handicapped people.

In a recent meeting, the GM of ECR, Madhuresh Kumar informed mediapersons about the forthcoming plans of Railways.

The newly built Patliputra Railway Station at Rukanpura, Patna would also been operational this month. Earlier the Station was scheduled to be operational by April.

GM also talked about introducing new trains connecting Patna- Bangalore, Patna- New Tinsukia and Patna-Chandigarh.

The GM also informed that the timetables of 288 trains passing through ECR division has been modified.