What triggered the deadly Communal Riots in Muzaffarnagar ?

The 2013 Communal Riot at Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) has turned out to be one of the deadliest riots in recent year with over 30 Deaths reported so far and more than 40 injured.

What started as a small quarrel between two youth in Kanwal Village of Muzaffarnagar spread like wildfire in the whole district. The series of violence was triggered on August 27 when a youth and his cousin beat to death a man of another religious community for teasing his sister in a village called Kawal. Later few men from the other community attacked and killed him.

However there are some different version too in media reports. According to the local police, a resident of Malakpura village in Muzaffarnagar was told by his sister that a boy from a different community was harassing her. Enraged at this, he, along with a friend, attacked the alleged with a knife and later shot him. As the two tried to flee the crime scene, they were overpowered by the villagers and were beaten to death.

According to another version,  the dispute broke out after their motorbikes collided with each other, leading to a verbal duel.

On August 29, a woman was molested at a religious place by the members of other community.

On August 31,  one of  communities organised a mahapanchayat seeking justice for death of their two youth on August 27. They also demanded the removal of Shamli Police SP.

There were reported small clashes between the two communities during the first week of September

Violence took a dreaded turn when IBN7 channel’s part-time correspondent Rajesh Verma and seven others were killed on September 7 while trying to film the area. A photographer hired by police, Israr was also killed by unknown people. The toll is likely to go up as Police is recovering more bodies.

Police has imposed curfew in the  Civil lines, Kotwali and Nai Mandi areas of Muzaffarnagar town. Army Personnel and a battalion of CRPF  were deployed last night to control the situation. On Sunday Army staged Flag march in various curfew imposed areas.

The Uttar Pradesh Government has announced an ex-gratia of Rs 15 lakh to the kin of the TV journalist and Rs 10 lakh to the family of others.The seriously injured in the incident will be paid Rs 50,000 each while those who received minor injuries will get Rs 20,000.


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