India’s Mars Mission Mangalyaan to be launched on November 5

Mangalyaan, the first probe of India’s Mars Mission would be launched on November 5 at 2:36PM from First Launch Pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. The Launch campaign has already commenced for PSLV C25 rocket which would take 1350 kg probe into the Space.

The Mission, which was scheduled to be launched on October 27, was delayed due to delay in a Ship carrying necessary equipments.

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Estimates say that the probe would take 300 days to reach the orbit of Mars, which is 400 Million Km from Earth.

Indian ships, Nalanda and Yamuna, would be in the South Pacific Ocean, carrying powerful radars to monitor the rocket, since it would be cruising at altitudes not reachable by the ground stations for close to 20 minutes. Once in outer space, the spacecraft will be monitored by Isro’s space tracking facility at Baylalu in Karnataka. Isro will also take help from Nasa’s deep space network in tracking the orbiter.

The Mission aims at conducting meaningful experiments such as looking for signs of life, take pictures of the red planet and study Martian environment.