Bhabua in Bihar to become World’s first Green City

Bhabhua (Kaimur): Bhabua is all set to become World’s first Green City. Bhabua would be the first city in the world where all Buildings are painted Green. An official declaration in this regard would be made at Nagar Parishad meet on January 16, nearly 100 days after the Green campaign kick-started.

The initiative, started in September 2013 by District Magistrate Arvind Kumar Singh gathered voluntary support of masses and local leaders. People agreed to paint their houses using Green color using their own resources. The Local market segments were relocated and encroachments were removed.

The decision to paint the town green was taken in order to define an uniqueness in the city and attract tourists from outside. The City, which serves as the Headquarters of Bihar’s Kaimur district is also contemplating to get a name into Limca Book of World Records.

Endowed by Natural Resources with Hilly Terrains and lush green forests, Bhabua has tremendous potential of Tourism, which remains unexploited till date.

In past several cities were draped in unique color. In 1878, Jaipur was painted Pink (hence name Pink City) to welcome Prince of Wales. Last year West Bengal Government ordered Blue Coating for all buildings of Kolkata. However, unlike other campaigns, the target of Green City of Bhabua has been achieved through voluntary means with no expense to exchequer.