Govt planning to build 2 Pontoon Bridges parallel to Gandhi Setu in Patna

Bihar Govt is planning to construct two Pontoon Bridged parallel to Mahatma Gandhi Setu in Patna. These Bridges would ease traffic congestion problems on Gandhi Setu and could be used by Small and Light Vehicles.

A pontoon bridge or floating bridge or bridge of boats is a bridge that floats on water and in which barge- or boat-like pontoons support the bridge deck and its dynamic loads. During Flood Season, these bridges would be removed, as the water level rises.

Pontoon Bridge on Ganga River at Allahabad

Pontoon Bridge on Ganga River at Allahabad (Image: Flickr/msxal13)

As a matter of Fact, these would be largest Pontoon Bridges in India. The Construction is expected to begin by April and these would be ready by early 2015. The Budget for these Bridges is expected to be around ₹200 Crores.