Indian Luger Shiva Keshavan becomes overnight Sensation at Sochi

Sochi:  Two-time Asian champion Shiva Keshavan of India was placed in 37th position with a combined time of 1 minute 49.108 seconds after Heat 1 and 2 of the Luge event in the Winter Olympics at the Sanki Sliding Center here Saturday.

Keshavan, who became an overnight internet sensation after his heroics in Friday’s practice session, will have a chance to move up the rankings in Heat 3 and 4 slated for Sunday.

He finished Heat 1 in 35th position with a time of 53.905 seconds but a disastrous final interval in Heat 2 saw him lose a huge chunk of time, finishing in 55.203.

In final practice session Friday, Keshavan pulled off an incredible recovery after falling off his sled at a speed of 57 mph.

In one of the final turns, Keshavan slipped off his sled, fell onto his stomach and glided down the track. Incredibly, though, he managed to get a hold of his sled, flipped himself onto it, and continued his run.