Coin expo draws numismatic enthusiasts to Kerala

Kochi, Sep 19 (ANI): An expo of old and unique collection of coins and stamps in Kerala drew a lot of coin enthusiasts and history buffs. The three-day exhibition ‘Coin Expo-2015’ has been organised by the Kerala Numismatic Society in Kochi. A huge range of coins, some dating back to third century BC and some silver coins believed to be from the Jesus Christ period were on display. Coins belonging to Mughal, Chola, Nawab and British era have also found place in the expo, while coins used in the Roman dynasty and old dynasties in China, Korea, Africa and other parts of the world are also being exhibited. The hundreds of years old copper, lead, silver, gold and nickel coins are a major attraction for the visitors who are allowed to buy these coins at the exhibition. Coins belonging to Travancore and Cochin kingdoms are up for auction. The Bolboa currency of Panama, one of the rarest currencies in the world, was also on display. The currency was printed only once in 1941 and it was withdrawn within seven days. Apart from coins, the expo is also showcasing old currencies, medals, treasure pots, stamps and postal cards. The collections by R Madhusoodanan, a numismatist, who collects only those coins minted with images of elephants, are also at the expo. He has a silver coin minted in

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