The Team of Biharprabha News

Biharprabha News wouldn’t be the leading platform it is without the diverse minds and dedicated efforts of its contributors. Here, you’ll meet the individuals and organizations bringing you insightful news and perspectives from Bihar and beyond.

Our In-House Experts:

  • Nilesh : This passionate journalist, originally a stockbroker, brings his unique blend of financial and political expertise to articles on business, finance, and Indian politics. Reach him at nilesh.y[at]
  • Amanpreet : An avid scholar pursuing his MA in Journalism, Amanpreet’s insightful analyses cover topics ranging from Bihar’s development to national politics and other states. He thrives on exploring diverse perspectives. Connect with him at amanpreet[at]

Trusted News Partnerships:

  • Indo Asian News Service (IANS): We’re proud subscribers to IANS, India’s largest independent newswire, ensuring our readers have access to the latest high-quality news from across the country.

Global Voices and Expertise:

  • Citizen News Service (CNS): This network of citizen journalists, bloggers, and media professionals brings diverse voices and perspectives to crucial social issues. Their reports shed light on under-reported areas, enriching our coverage.
  • PR Newswire: Established in 1954, PR Newswire provides access to authoritative news and information from leading global organizations. This partnership broadens our reach and keeps our readers informed about international developments.

Beyond the Spotlight:

In addition to these featured contributors, Biharprabha News benefits from the valuable contributions of over 50 news sources. Our dedicated team meticulously edits and curates their press releases, articles, and news bytes, ensuring our readers receive a comprehensive and well-rounded news experience.

A Collaborative Spirit:

At Biharprabha News, we believe in the power of diverse voices and collaborative efforts. Our contributors, both individuals and organizations, play a crucial role in shaping the narrative of Bihar and beyond. We are grateful for their dedication and expertise, and we invite you to explore the richness of perspectives they bring to our platform.