Biharprabha.Com is all about news related to the State of  Bihar and its evergreen glory. Although many believed that Bihar is full of crime, political scandals and treachery, but things have changed now.

Biharprabha.Com is an attempt to portray the real picture of Bihar.

To augment our this attempt, we started Biharprabha News in 2010.  It covers news articles, media, related to Bihar.

We also publish additional items which are deemed related or interesting to the people of Bihar covering national, international and technological matters. Yet our solo emphasis rests on the state of Bihar.


To luminize the glory of Bihar


  1. To provide a comprehensive news coverage to Bihar.
  2. To highlight the development activities of Bihar.
  3. To construct a platform for the Hall of Fame of Bihar.
  4. To generate employment opportunities in Bihar.

If you have any queries related to Business, News Articles, Security, Legal Issues or any feedback or suggestion, please contact us.

Apart from Biharprabha.Com, we also run Explore Bihar, the first dedicated (and most visited) tourism portal for Bihar.

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