Suriname, Mauritius and Fiji president to attend next Bihar Diwas

PATNA: The Bihar government has invited the presidents of Mauritius, Suriname and Fiji for Bihar Diwas centenary celebration in 2012. It marks the day when the British carved out the state from Bengal Presidency March 22, 1912.

“The state government has invited presidents of Mauritius (Anerood Jugnauth), Suriname (Desi Bouterse) and Fiji (Epeli Nailatikau) for Bihar Diwas centenary celebrations,” Human Resource Development principal secretary Anjani Kumar Singh said.

A brainchild of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar , Bihar Diwas was first celebrated in 2010.

“The government had sent invitation in advance and will arrange for their stay and security after they confirm their visit,” Singh told.

A large number of people from Bihar migrated to Mauritius, Fiji, Trinidad , Suriname, South Africa and other countries in the 19th century to serve as indentured labourers on sugarcane and rubber plantations. Many descendants are now eager to locate the families of their forefathers in India .