General Elections 2024: How cVIGIL App Helps Curb Illegal Hoardings & Inducements”

The cVIGIL app developed by the Election Commission of India has proven to be an effective tool in reporting election code violations since the announcement of General Elections 2024. As of today, the app has received over 79,000 complaints, with more than 99% of them being resolved promptly. Approximately 89% of the complaints have been addressed within 100 minutes, highlighting the app’s commitment to speed and transparency.

Out of the total complaints received, over 58,500 pertain to illegal hoardings and banners, accounting for 73% of the total. Around 1,400 complaints involve money, gift, and liquor distribution, while nearly 3% of the complaints (2,454) relate to defacement of property. Of the 535 complaints regarding the display of firearms and intimidation, 529 have already been resolved. Additionally, around 1,000 complaints were submitted concerning campaigning beyond the allowed period, including instances of using speakers past permitted hours.

Chief Election Commissioner Shri Rajiv Kumar encouraged citizens to remain vigilant during his press conference announcing General Elections 2024, urging them to utilize the app to report Model Code of Conduct breaches and voter inducement incidences.

The cVIGIL app offers users a convenient way to document audio, photo, or video evidence of political misconduct quickly. Upon sending a complaint via the app, users receive a distinct tracking ID, allowing them to monitor its progress on their mobile devices. Furthermore, the app includes a 100-minute deadline for addressing complaints and features automatic geo-tagging capabilities. These attributes enable flying squads to determine the exact site of a reported infringement swiftly, utilizing images taken by residents as potential proof in legal proceedings. Anonymous reports are likewise permissible via the app.

As part of the commission’s technological initiatives to assist both voters and political entities, the cVIGIL app joins other apps designed to streamline processes related to elections.