Bihar launches electronic postal services

PATNA:In a major reform to the postal services in the state, Bihar Postal Department has launched e-Post corporate service. This will be a combination of e-mail and snail mail(traditional postal service)
It was inaugurated by Acharya Kishore Kunal, Chairman of Bihar State Board of Religious Trusts and a retired IPS officer.

Under this service, any corporate customer of department of post can send e-Mail to 9,999 recipients with a single click on computer, and this will be delivered at their doorsteps through postmen of the respective post offices where the e-mail is received. The hard copy of the mail is sent in cover to their destinations.

Director, postal services, business development, Anil Kumar said the department of post has started training the staff of Bihar State Board of Religious Trusts in using the e-Post corporate service. He said the e-Post corporate service had become imperative in the age of digital divide as a large number of people do not have access to computer and Internet, particularly in areas where electricity supply is scarce or not available.