Patna academician receives honor from Oxford

Dr. Birbal Jha,noted academician and pioneer of English language teaching in Bihar has received appreciation from Oxford University for his new book “Celebrate Your Life”.
Prof Elizabeth Schoel, Emeritus Course Leader in Personal growth at the University of Oxford termed it as a work of great benefit especially in India context, but nonetheless relevant to an international audience.

“One is tempted to view “Celebrate Your Life” as yet another self-help manual, but it forms a core of knowledge which is eminently suitable for use in a classroom environment as well.” added the Oxford professor.

Dr. Birbal Jha founded British Lingua in 1993 with a mission to help students develop communication skills in English, develop their personality, and qualify for a better career.Since then thousands of students have graduated from this institution. BAP Pvt Ltd, which is the company running British Lingua, has set up teaching centres in Delhi, Patna and many small, non-metropolitan cities so that students even with a rural background can benefit from its courses.Today British Lingua has total 10 branches – two in Delhi, three in Patna, one in Darbhanga, one in Muzaffarpur, one in Dehri-On-Sone, one in Giridih and one in Budaun.

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