Bihar to emerge as BPO hub in another 3 years.

bpo in biharBihar has tremendous potential for BPO industry, it can become a BPO hub in another 3 years. This was highlighted by K. V. Kamath at Global Bihar Summit 2012, who is the Non-Executive Chairman of ICICI Bank and Chairman of software major Infosys.

Bihar’s youths have been going to Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune for employment opportunities, but they could find job in their own state which could become a BPO hub as there were unlimited opportunities in the IT sector over the next 2-3 years, Kamath said at the Global Summit on Changing Bihar.

The urban centres in Bihar could become the BPO hubs as the roads were good and the connectivity in rural and urban areas in the states has increased that could boost expansion of IT-related services, he said. The ICICI Non-Executive Chairman also expressed disagreement with the views of some economists that Bihar’s double digit growth rate was a catch up growth rate and said that not only that the cynicism in this regard was unfounded, but it reflected the desire of the state to undertake development. Bihar will emerge as a developed state in the next 10 years and not 15 years or more as claimed by the critics, he said, adding that all of us will become a witness to the development of Bihar as a lot of industrialists have evinced interest in pumping in capital for industrial development.