Aamir Khan enjoys Litti Chokha at Patna

aamir khanBollywood star Aamir Khan, on his way to Varanasi to attend the wedding Wednesday of Rajeev, son of Ram Lakhan aka Nathuni, the auto-driver who drove him around the lanes of the temple city back in December 2009 when he was promoting “3 idiots”, stopped here for two hours and enjoyed the Bihari delicacy litti-chokha.

The 47-year-old star reached here post-noon, interacted with the local people and left by late afternoon by road to attend the wedding in Varanasi.

Said a member of Aamir’s team: “Aamir had never visited Patna. He took a flight from Mumbai to Patna, mingled with the locals for two hours and then left by car to reach his friend’s son’s wedding the same evening.”

Aamir reportedly stopped at a roadside dhaba to have the Bihari delicacy litti-chokha. The ecstatic food vendor served Aamir a plate filled with five large littis.

Aamir had two littis. He then requested the litti-wallah to let him take the remaining three littis to eat in the car. He then sped away on the highway from Patna to Varanasi with the promise of returning to the Bihar capital in the near future.

Aamir had met Ram Lakhan three years ago and continued with his bonding with the auto-driver and even sent Nathuni air tickets to fly down to Mumbai for the premier of “3 Idiots”, which later went on to become one of the biggest blockbusters at the box office.

Nathuni recently went to Mumbai to invite his “friend” Aamir for the wedding of his son Rajeev — an engineer with an anti-virus company in Jaipur. Aamir promised to come down for the D-day.