Aamir Khan to attend the wedding of son of a Rickshaw Puller

aamir khanAamir Khan, who befriended rickshaw puller Ram Lakhan in Varanasi during his country wide promotion of “3 Idiots”, has been invited to his son’s wedding.

The 47-year-old actor met Lakhan two and half years ago while travelling in disguise in North of India without any bodyguards to promote his film. Lakhan has now invited Aamir to attend his son’s wedding in the holy city tomorrow.

Lakhan, who too Aamir on a tour around Varanasi while he was disguised as an old man, developed a strong bond with the actor in three days.

“Lakhan came all the way to Mumbai from Varanasi to invite Aamir for his son’s wedding. Aamir was very touched with this gesture,” a source said. Aamir will be attending the wedding apparently. The actor-producer is currently busy with his debut TV venture “Satyamev Jayate”.

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