Delhi’s Per Capita income only 30 percent of National Average

The average income of Delhiites is expected to be Rs.1.75 lakh for the year 2011-12, almost 3 times the national average of around Rs.60,000, according a report by the state government’s Directorate of Economics and Statistics.

The figures came to light in the report titled “Estimates of State Domestic Product 2011-12”, which was released Friday by Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit.

Noting the key finds of the report, Dikshit said that it puts the capital, with a per capita income of Rs.1,75,812, in the second spot after Goa, which has the highest annual per capita income at Rs.1.92 lakh, amongst all states and Union Territories.

The report puts Delhi’s gross state domestic product (GSDP) for the year 2011-12 at Rs.3,13,934 crore as compared to Rs.2,64,496 crore for the year 2010-11.

“According to the report, the GSDP also showed a growth rate of 18.7 percent,” Dikshit said.

“The report shows that the share of the service sector in GSDP in Delhi is about 82 percent, which is an effect of our industrial policy which promotes non-polluting industries,” she added.

“Further, the city is developing as a major centre of service sector including information technology and leaving behind neighbouring cities like NOIDA and Gurgaon. This has resulted in large number of employment opportunities in Delhi,” Dikshit claimed.

Dikshit said that the report gave a rise of 339 percent in per capita income while the GSDP showed a 490 percent increase from year 1998-99, when she first came to power.