Youtube to incorporate Google + Commenting Feature

youtubeVideo Sharing site YouTube will soon add Google+ commenting  services.  This means that a user with a valid Google + id can directly comment on Youtube and this will appear on Google + News Feed visible to all who have added him in Circles. In an interview with Reuters , Tom Pickett, Head of YouTube Operations  said this on last Thursday April 12, who was on a visit to  a visit to India.

“As we think of incorporating Google Plus type functionality we think we can get a better dialogue going and a social platform that’s not just YouTube but it’s actually a common piece that cuts across all Google products” , Picket added

Youtube, the massively dominant video sharing website owned by Google, aims to spruce up its social networking skills through better integration across platforms, and hopes to more than double annual ad revenue in emerging markets like India, the top executive said.

“YouTube has been lacking great social features. Commenting and sharing have been part of YouTube, but the experiences could be much better than they are.”

YouTube says it gets around 800 million unique users every month. India is the second-biggest source of content for YouTube, after the United States.

Pickett said YouTube was working on areas such as the comments section of the site, which doesn’t allow users to log in from other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.