Satyamev Jayate falls in Copyright Comtroversy

Satyemev Jayate, Aamir Khan’s TV debut which was preceded by months of publicity, culminated in a controversy with the band Euphoria alleging that the chorus of the show’s 22-minute anthem, Satyamev Jayate, had been lifted from the band’s decade-old song Satyameva Jayate.

Euphoria’s lead Singer Palash Sen said that if they had asked him, he could have heartily granted the permission even without charging any money. But , they didnot bother to respect the copyright. Thats the reason, we have sent Legal notices to them.

The COmposer of the tune, Ram Sampath refused to comment about it while Star TV acknowledged the notice but said that they are analyzing the issue.

For the last few days, Palash Sen has been receiving calls from many of his fans who told him that the tune of the anthem of Aamir’s show, Satyamev Jayate, was the same as Euphoria’s song, which was also called Satyameva Jayate.

“The trailers and the anthem of this show have been running on television for quite a while, but I had not seen the videos. When I heard it, I was shocked. In 2000, Euphoria released its second album Phir Dhoom, and one of its songs was named Satyameva Jayate. And the chorus of composer Ram Sampath’s version of Satyamev Jayate is exactly the same as the chants in our song. They’ve basically used the same refrain. Jo baaki ka gaana hai, that has different words and tune. But the mainstay of the song – the chorus – is ours. Which is why I’ve sent a legal notice to them,” says Palash.