Wipro to develop Client Software using Google Apps

Wipro Technologies has declared that it would start developing applications using Google Apps, the cloud computing platform started by Search Engine Giant Google.

“As every product or IT service will be on cloud platform in future, our integrated cloud solutions and research and development (R&D) services team will leverage Google’s platform for our global clients,” Wipro chief technology officer Anurag Srivastava said here Monday.

As internet-based computing, a cloud platform enables sharing of resources, including software and hardware for accessing information and data across computers.

“The Google cloud platform will enable us to help clients develop new cloud-based solutions that drive their success in the IT and product R&D by building on its power,” said Srivastava.

The platform also offers the global software major a set of application development, cloud storage, largescale computing and huge data capabilities to serve customers with desired business variability and rich user experience.

The programme includes services partners such as systems integrators, IT consultant firms, developers, web designers and other professional services firms to help clients design, develop and manage new cloud-based solutions.

“Our clients will benefit by engaging with us as we have invested in developing skills needed to build these solutions on top of Google’s cloud platform,” Srivastava added.