Bihar takes concrete Actions to prevent Bird Flu in State

Purnea: Bihar Government has taken several concrete measures to prevent the Recurrence of Bird Flu in State, after some birds have been found to be infected with the Deadly H5N1 Virus.  Around 2000 Poultry Birds have been killed so far, according to officials.

In Purnea alone, over 1200 Poultry birds have been killed and over 600 eggs have been destroyed by the Authorities in last 48  hours. The owners of these Poultry birds were compensated with optimal prices for each bird killed.

Fifteen Teams were deployed to search for the affected Birds and kill them whenever necessary. Regular medical checkup of the members of the killing team were also done in the State Hospitals. They were also treated with preventive vaccines to avoid any infection.

The Government plans to clean the affected areas after mass slaughter and disinfect it using Sodium Hypochloride.

Fresh cases of Bird Flu were first detected when  300 birds of a government poultry farm died suddenly a few days ago. Subsequent medical examination confirmed that it was due to Bird Flu.

An Alert has also been raised to the neighbouring districts of Araria, Kishanganj and Katihar and the district authorities have been asked to start precautionary medical checks among the Poultry Birds. Any export of Birds from Purnea has been banned till next Orders.

According to the district Magistrate of Purnea, Manish Verma, the situation has been brought under control through immediate  and timely action. No cases of Human Infection has been reported so far.

In Medical terms, Bird Flu is known as Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) and is mainly caused by Influenza A type Virus (H5N1)