Arvind Kejriwal illegally re-connects his terminated Power Connection

New Delhi: Social Activist and Aam Aadmi Party Chief, Arvind Kejriwal today triggered Civil Disobedience in Delhi when he re-connected his disconnected Electricity Connection on his own. This action is illegal as per law, however Kejriwal says that he acted knowingly and is ready to face any consequences.

Kejriwal lives in Girnar Apartment, near Kausambi at Ghaziabad. When Electricity Board officials disconnected his Supply after non-payment of dues since March, he re-connected them.

Kejriwal said in a statement, “I have asked the People of Delhi to stop paying Electricity Bills over the inflated charges, how can I pay the Bills myself”.

I have done what Mahatma Gandhi did during our Independence Struggle.This is another Satyagraha, says Arvind Kejriwal

In past few month, Kejriwal and AAP Activists have launched a massive campaign against Inflated Power and Water Bills. They have been re-c0nnecting the disconnected Connections over the non payment of Bill.

They argue that the Delhi Government has increased the Power Rates by 200% in last two years for the sake of profit of Private Companies.


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