In 2003 Narendra Modi was Secular, in 2013 he is Communal : Nitish Kumar

In 2003 Nitish Kumar was all praise for Narendra Modi, but after 10 years he has emerged as the biggest opponent of Narendra Modi as PM.

The parameters of Secularism changes with time, when it comes to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. In 2003, merely a year after bloody Gujarat Riots in which thousands of Hindus and Muslims were massacred, Nitish Kumar was seen praising Narendra Modi at an event. Nitish Kumar was then Railway Minister and was inaugurating a railway project at Adipur, Kutch Gujarat.

Nitish Kumar had reportedly said, “I hope Narendra Modi won’t be confined to Gujarat for long and the nation will get his services.”

“I want to congratulate Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. Lots of work has been done in Gujarat, but a different image about the state and about Narendra bhai has been created outside the state. The work in the state isn’t publicised the way it should be,” Kumar reportedly went on. “What happened (in 2002) was a blot. But it’s not good if we remember just that and forget other things that are happening.”

“I congratulate Narendra Bhai. Gujarat’s development is helpful for India and if Gujarat develops the nation will also develop,” Kumar said.

A part of his speech is in the following Video from Youtube.


After 10 years, the same ‘Popular CM’ of Gujarat has become a communal force in the eye of Nitish Kumar and his party JDU.

It is well known that in last 10 years,the image of Narendra Modi has emerged as that of a Development Icon who single-handedly steered Gujarat to the helms of National Economy. He has received enormous praises both from in and out of country. Put simply, nothing except 2002 riots can be used to hinder Modi’s journey towards helm of Indian Leadership.

But like other self-appointed Mascots of Secularism, Nitish too has realised that a leader like Narendra Modi is communal and he is not fit for the post of PM of India. Although, neither he nor Sharad Yadav has named Modi even once during hours of Press Conference, there was a clear indication towards Gujarat Chief Minister.

In the words of Nitish Kumar, “The fundamental principle of alliance has not been kept, so the JD(U) has had to take a political decision.
In Bihar, the govt was running smoothly, but the situation was such that highlighting our achievements in Bihar was taken as statements against others. We can’t for the sake of govt compromise in our principles”

In the words of Sharad Yadav, “The Goa announcement of the Chairmanship of the electoral campaign committee of the BJP has filled us with deep apprehensions of the future. It has left not a shadow of doubt that this is a mere ceremonial prelude to his nomination as the prime ministerial candidate.These developments do not augur well for the health of our secular and democratic polity.
In the aforesaid circumstances it would be a betrayal of faith , confidence and trust reposed in our party by the people of Bihar, if we continue any further. We cannot compromise on our basic principles, values and our stand on core issues which are central to the ethos of our party.”