Narendra Modi takes Bihar as a Challenge for 2014 Elections

Narendra Modi, the PM Candidate from BJP has the toughest Battle to win in Bihar. Perhaps, this is the only place where his Gujarat Model of development has been challenged by a parallel Bihar Model of Development and he has suffered terrible criticism from his arch-rival Nitish Kumar, who too according to critics, lounges for PM Post.

But the story in not over here, Modi has to rise over the magic wand of Nitish Kumar if he really wants a lead in the race for 1 Anne Marg. While he may outpass Nitish Kumar in the number of followers in Urban, Educated Bihar, the scenario is drastically opposite in Rural Bihar. Perhaps this is where Nitish Kumar gains his majority from. Still today the Brand Nitish is the only hope of development for lakhs of villagers, living below and above Poverty lines.

Another important thing which Modi has to keep in mind that though he has millions of followers, only few of them are voters. Most of them are internet savvy young generation living away from their hometowns. Unless they are converted to voters, Modi cannot compete with Nitish.

Caste can play an important role for Modi’s triumph in Bihar. Already Bihar BJP has started portraying him as the Messiah of OBC, just because it works so well in Bihar. But for a leader like Narendra Modi, who has relied entirely on Development issues for votes, resorting to Caste can be humiliating.

Now there is essentially a fight between Gujarat Model and Bihar Model in Bihar. Modi has already planned his strategies for Bihar, while Nitish has started playing his pro-poor cards. Nitish occasionally takes breaks to continue with his Seva Yatra while BJP is all set to start its Rath Yatra from mid-July.

Today evening Modi is likely to  address about 1,500 party leaders and workers in Bihar via audio-bridge communication technique from his home .  Impressed by his successful implementation of the same technique, talking to the party workers over mobile phones, during the recent State Assembly and Lok Sabha bye-elections, their Bihar counterparts had requested  Modi to address them in the same spirit.

The 1,500-strong audience for Mr Modi’s address will be divided into three groups. The first group will comprise state working committee members and district party office bearers. The second group will comprise district and block level presidents and the last group will have party workers from the grassroots level and as well as from social organisations.

Modi is expected to visit Bihar on a later date. This is  definitely going to provide a massive boost to the morale of the state BJP which has for long time campaigned for Gujarat’s Chief Minister – first, during his huge and controversial promotion at the BJP’s national executive meet Goa in June and later last month after JDU announced breaking out of NDA.