A Bihari Farmer honored by both Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar

Manoj Kumar is a small Farmer from Muzaffarpur Bihar, but his accomplishments  include getting honored by both Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and Gujarat CM Narendra Modi.

Keeping Politics aside, it is his better performance in Agriculture that earned him this feat along with a title of Progressive Farmer in Media.

He was awarded with Rs 51000 and a Felicitation Letter from Gujarat CM Narendra Modi during the Vibrant Gujarat Agro-Summit 2013 at Gandhinagar on September 10.

Manoj Kumar Farmer Muzaffarpur

Manoj Kumar has motivated hundreds of farmers to adopt vermicompost

Earlier Bihar CM Nitish Kumar had also honored him during his Sewa Yatra last year.

Manoj Kumar, a gold medalist in Geography from BR Ambedkar University of Muzaffarpur,  is the Founder of Bihari Thakur Kisan Club at  Mustafaganj village of Muzaffarpur.

After failing to clear his IAS Dream in 2006, Manoj stepped forward for the welfare of his fellow villagers.

He and his club have motivated the farmers in and around his village to embrace organic farming and use vermi-compost on a large scale.

They have  set up a band of about 350 farmers in his area who use latest farm techniques and grow two to three crops at the same time.

Everyone in his village has a green makeshift vessel outside their house. People dispose their cow dung  and other waste materials  into it which composes into manure within 3 months. The Green Manure is later used in fields of Mustafaganj and adjoining villages. The sale of Green Manure also earns livelihood to many villagers.

While, there is nothing new in the technique used, Manoj and his club played a pivotal role in persuading all villagers to use it.