Bihar prepares to reorganize its Block Structure

Bihar Government is preparing to re-organize its Block Structure and is also expected to form several new blocks in every district.

Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, said this while inaugurating the ANM School at Islampur. At present the state has 534 blocks under 38 districts. This number is likely to go up after re-organization.

A Special Committee, comprising of Ministers and Bureaucrats, has been formed to prepare the new structure of Blocks.

In Bihar, the 38 districts are further divided into Blocks (Tehsils), Municipal Corporations (Mahanagarpalika),  Municipalities (Nagar-Palika) and City Councils (Nagar-Panchayat).

Blocks comprise rural areas only. It is not clear if there would be re-organization of structure at any other levels also.

The Chief Minister also announced setting up of a Pure Water Tower at Islampur. The project is estimated to cost Rs 7 Crores.