Millions of Devotees observe Chhath Puja in Bihar and Outside

Chhath Puja was observed last 4 days by Millions in and outside Bihar. The Four day Puja came to end by offering the Puja to rising Sun God today morning.

In Patna, the Puja was observed by devotees on the Banks of River Ganga. Devotees were seen in large numbers at over 20 notified Ghats of Patna.

Overall the Festival went peaceful. Unlike last year, this year no unoward incident took place during the Puja.   Administration had made adequate Arrangements for Security of Devotees.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was spotted patrolling the Arrangements of the Puja in a Steamer on the banks of Ganga in Patna yesterday evening.

Many devotees also performed Puja  at various ponds in the city or by digging a small pit at their Homes.

There was equal enthusiasm among the Devotees outside Bihar also. According to reports, the Puja has also been celebrated in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and several other cities.

In Mumbai, the Puja was peaceful amid Political Coordination. Unlike last year no regional parties issued any negative statements towards migrants during the whole Puja. Several Political parties saw it an opportunity to promote themselves in view of ensuing polls.

In New Delhi, Lakhs of Devotees performed the Puja on the banks of Hindon River. There were adequate facilities for Devotees at Banks of the River.

In United States, scores of Indian Americans, some even driving a few hundred miles, gathered on the banks of the historic Potomac river in the suburb of the Washington DC.

Several devotees were seen entering the chilly waters of the Potomac river to perform the Chhath Pooja in traditional style with their early morning offerings to the Sun God.

Chhath is a festival of bathing and worshipping,that follows a period of abstinence and segregation of the worshiper from the main household for four days. During this period, the worshiper observes purity, and sleeps on the floor on a single blanket.This is the only holy festival which has no involvement of any pandit (priest).The devotees offer their prayers to the setting sun, and then the rising sun in celebrating its glory as the cycle of birth starts with death. It is seen as the most glorious form of Sun worship.