AAP can achieve its Goals by dampening Leakage of Resources

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) represents a new experiment which connects people directly to governance. The rise of Aam Admi Party in such a short span of time shows that if entry barriers, which are rather difficult to cross, are removed, people from different walks of life and different strata of society are willing to participate more actively in the country’s political system that will only enrich our democracy, said ASSOCHAM President Rana Kapoor.

The fledgling party, headed by its well-grounded leader Mr Arvind Kejriwal, has brought out the whole lot of issues of governance – transparency and delivery of services to the common-man to the public discourse. A strong message has gone to the established political system that there is no going away from the basic issues of governance, he said.

As for as the AAP’s economic policies are concerned, the ideology doesn’t really matter as long as results are delivered. We feel that though the promises made by it may look tall, they can still make a good economic sense if the objective of reducing power tariff, for instance, is achieved by bringing in operational efficiencies. Over 30 per cent electricity is lost in the transmission losses which can be reduced by investing in state of the art equipment.

For the industry, there is no better business potential and sense than empowerment of people, especially at the bottom of the pyramid. To that extent, we certainly share and applaud the goals set by AAP, Mr Kapoor said wishing its founder Mr Kejriwal a long and fruitful inning.