Youth attacks Girl with Boiling Water for unfriending on Facebook

Muzaffarpur: A Girl in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar was attacked with Boiling Water by a Man, whom she had recently unfriended on Facebook.

This bizarre incident occurred on New Years Day, when the victim and her mother were enjoying the new year at their house in Gannipur suburb.

Suddenly the accused reached their house and locked them in a room. Later he brought boiling water from the Kitchen and poured it on Girl’s face. She has received severe injuries and is undergoing treatment in a local hospital.

As per reports, the accused identified as Yudhishthir Yadav befriended the Victim on Facebook a year ago. The two here having good friendship, until the accused turned violent and started sending her unwanted messages as well as spamming her Facebook wall with similar comments. Two weeks back, she unfriended him due to the same reason, which prompted him to take this violent step.

A FIR in this regards has been lodged, however the accused has not been arrested yet.