Bihar Police using UAV Drones to track Maoists Movements

Patna: Security forces in Bihar’s worst Maoist-hit districts are using the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),  also called Drones, to ensure the safety and security of their men in field operations, police officials Saturday said.

UAV Drone used for Spying in Bihar

UAV Drone used for Spying in Bihar

“The induction of UAVs will keep an eye on Maoist movements in Maoist strongholds in north Bihar plains and forest areas in southern Bihar. It will minimise the chances of casualties of security personnel engaged in anti-Maoists operations,” said a senior police official.

By using the Global Positioning System (GPS), UAVs feed real time location and movement of Maoists and help plan counter strategies.

“After UAVs were deployed in Maoists affected areas, security forces with the help of devices are able to pick up ground conversation and movement,” the police official said.

According to officials, UAVs flash real time imagery of Maoist movements and conversations and the data is immediately passed on to commandos.

With the help of UAVs, security forces would also detect Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that cause maximum casualties among security personnel.

It is the first time that security forces are using UAVs in Bihar in anti-Maoist operations. But UAVs have been in use Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

Amit Kumar, inspector general, police operation, said that in 2013 in different Maoists attacks a total of 25 security personnel were killed and three dozen arms were also looted from police personnel.

“We have intensified combing operations against Maoists in their stronghold in Gaya, Aurangabad and Jamui districts,” he said.

Amit Kumar said that Maoists influence and their areas of activities have been decreasing day by day in the state.