Two Jewellers Left Injured In Acid Attack In Moradabad

In a shocking incident in UP’s Moradabad, two men threw acid on two others, leaving one of them seriously injured. Both the parties were jewellers and had a fight after one party did not receive a silver chain which it had ordered from the other’s jewellery shop. The fight escalated to such a level that the seller party threw acid on the buyers.

The incident occurred in Moradabad’s Sarafa bazar when Pankaj, who works in a jewellery shop, went to the jewellery shop run by Ankur and Ankush.

Pankaj demanded for a silver chain that he had ordered at the shop but when he did not get it, a fight erupted. During the fight Pankaj even called his brother Vishnu to support him. Later on when tempers shot up. Ankur and Ankush threw acid on them.

The acid attack has left Pankaj and Vishnu with serious burn injuries.

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