Bihar Govt can’t stop Cheating in Exams: Education Minister P K Shahi

Patna: Bihar Education Minister P K Shahi today admitted the helplessness of Government in conducting free and fair examinations in the state. He said that Government alone cannot conduct fair examinations in the state and demanded cooperation from students and parents alike. He was referring to the reports of several incidents of mass copying and Cheating in board examinations of Bihar Board.

He emphasized that it is also the responsibility of the society to ensure a cheating-free exam. In last couple days, over 1000 students were caught and 600 have been expelled from examinations for resorting to unfair means.

Media Reports indicate that each student is accompanied by 4-5 people who assist him during the examination by resorting to various means.

However, the parents of students blame the Government for this practice. “Since hardly anything is taught in Government schools, students have no option but to resort to such means to pass the examination”, a parent said when quizzed about this practice.