Electronic Gadgets Usage causes Back Pain to almost half of under 30 Youths

A recent survey has revealed that now-a-days half of under-30s suffer from back aches as they spend hours slouching over gadgets.

Indian Man talking on Phone while driving

Indians have developed a strong penchant for gadgets

The survey observed that the decreasing size of electronic gadgets results in people leaning over the screen rather than using a desk, and due to this they suffer from pain in their backs and necks, a daily reported.

The survey also suggested that people who didn’t had a work station of their own in their offices experienced neck strain as they sat on chair set for others and used monitors at a set height.

Researchers said that the number of people having back aches and neck-related pains is increasing as the modern lifestyle forces one to stay seated, but it’s important to take breaks and relieve the build-up tension.

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