Nepal Earthquake: Video shows rescuers pulling survivors from collapsed buildings in Kathmandu

Kathmandu: Rescuers worked through the night and into the early hours of Sunday (April 26) morning to try to rescue survivors trapped in collapsed buildings after an earthquake devastated the heavily crowded Kathmandu Valley.

Rescue Team taking one of the victims

Rescue Team taking one of the victims

Rescuers, some wearing face masks to keep out the dust from collapsed buildings, scrambled over mounds of splintered timber and broken bricks in the hope of finding survivors.

Crowds cheered as survivors were found and pulled from the rubble and then transported by stretcher to waiting ambulances nearby.

Hospital workers treated patients in the streets because it was too dangerous to keep them indoors.

Thousands of people also spent the night outside in chilly temperatures and patchy rain, too afraid to return to their damaged homes.

The 7.9 earthquake has killed more than 2,200 people so far and there are fears the death toll could climb much higher.

The earthquake also triggered a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest.

With the Nepalese government overwhelmed by the scale of the disaster, India flew in medical supplies and relief crews, while China sent in a 60-strong emergency team.

Relief agencies said hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley were overflowing and running out of medical supplies.