Thousands remain camped outdoors in Nepal in Fear of Aftershocks

Kathmandu: Foreign aid and relief workers land in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu as aftershocks rumble a day after an earthquake killed at least 2,400 people. Thousands remain camped outdoors with many awaiting treatment.

Survivors of Nepal Earthquake

Survivors of Nepal Earthquake

“So basically we have come here because the hospital is there, but it is very unsafe. That’s why we have some persons here.”. a doctor involved in the rescue operations said.

Many others simply fear returning to damaged homes that could collapse at any moment.

“Today’s a big problem my place, so I am coming here to save my life.”, one victim said.

Authorities are resorting to mass cremations as bodies pile up after the country’s worst quake in eight decades.

More than 6,400 others suffer from injuries.

Elsewhere, the search for survivors continues.

Like on Saturday night, officials are likely to find more injured and more dead as they scramble over mounds of splintered timber and broken bricks in a city reeling in pain.