Bollywood Actor’s Message to Class 10 and 12 Students awaiting Exam Results

The Results of various Boards are getting announced these days. While ICSE has already announced the results, CBSE is all set to announce it today.

With exam result around the corner comedian and Bollywood Actor Vir Das has come up with his own little video to those who are expecting their mark sheet soon.

In the video, Vir talks about all the important phases of life from friendship to love to following one dreams to sex (also) to parents and many more. Watch it till the end there is a message also.

Various other State Boards are likely to announce the Results this month. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh will announce their results soon.

Many students, who fail to perform well are stressed these days after the results. Comparisons, parental expectations and peer pressure are major concerns for students.

“Exam stress is a very sensitive and concerning issue. Stress can predispose to problems of the mind and body as they are closely interlinked by neurochemicals, hormones and immune system,”, experts say.

Many students are anxious, stressed and weighed down by expectations. It is quite important for both students and their parents to timely recognise the signs and symptoms of distress and manage them appropriately, timely and effectively