CBSE 12th Result 2015: Mathematics Paper will decide the Fate of most Students

The Results for CBSE Class 12 Examination AISSCE 2015 are likely to be announced today. Many students have complained that this year Mathematics paper was tough compared to last year. Several went on to say that many Questions were out of syllabus.

The overall impact would be on their score in Competitive Examinations, which use the Class 12 marks as a criteria in deciding the All India Rank. JEE Main conducted by CBSE is one such exam. Another such exam is BITSAT, conducted by BITS Pilani.

The Mathematics paper was held on March 18. Many were not happy with the exam, as they witnessed a lot of changes in the paper pattern. Everyone was heard complaining about the lengthy paper. Many were disheartened about the fact that the paper was very twisted. Changes in the paper pattern, informed at the last moment by the Board, left confusion and chaos amongst the students.

Students were seen sobbing. They said that no amount of preparation was sufficient to answer a paper as difficult as this. Many also agreed that the exam was much more difficult than the Physics paper too.

Later on, CBSE decided to call meetings of some School Principals after receiving letters regarding its toughness and all. Officials have reported that there is change of some patterns and Schools have been not totally informed about that, and it was the only reason for bad response.

However many students rejected the claims of tough question paper. “Why should the exam not be tough? Was it promised before you join CBSE that your exams would be easy. If there was no such promise, then i think its fair as everyone had the same tough paper. Its the job of the student to prepare and not expect easy questions”, said one on an online forum.

Another student said, “After going through the responses it was clear that the students took it easy by solving only NCERT book questions. It was a fault of the board too who took the easy way out by asking questions from the text book only. Having said so I am amused too. Students and teachers used to lament that CBSE board only stresses on rote learning and not concept. Now that the board is trying to introduce more concept based questions we can see a lot of hue and cry again”.

“According to me it was easy just a little conceptual it was maybe difficult for children who just mug up ncert without understanding the concept”, wrote another student, who had appeared in Board Exams this year.

Some agreed that it was intentionally made tough this year. “This was done in order to make students study more seriously for board exam and prove their worth/importance as in last 10 years importance of board among students has decreased and they rather concentrate more on other competitive exams which can be seen with the poor attendance of school students”, said one person.