High Voltage Drama at DCW Press Conference, Member Juhi Khan resigns

New Delhi: In a high voltage drama, during a press briefing of the Delhi Commission for Women, a member of the commission disrupted the address claiming Kumar Vishwas is innocent and she is resigning.

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Chaos ensued at the press conference when the DCW chief Barkha Shukla was interrupted by her colleague from the women’s panel, Juhi Khan, who began defending AAP leader Kumar Vishwas.

Later, Shukla accused Khan of being an AAP member. She further said that the woman was sent by AAP to disrupt the press conference and was not invited by the DCW. Juhi Khan, however, said that Kumar Vishwas is being defamed under a political controversy.

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Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday expressed discontent with media for putting baseless allegations on AAP leader Kumar Vishwas about his ‘illicit relationship’ with a woman. Kejriwal said that media should not target personal lives of political leaders as it leads the entire family in depression.

He further announced that the party used to clarify every allegation in the past but from now onwards it has decided to keep silent from some media houses. The CM clarified that questions related to government shall be answered but personal allegations will not be commented upon