Juxtapositions of nature, man and spirituality takes place in the film Aloha

London: Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone praised director Cameron Crowe at a special screening in London on Saturday (May 16) for his latest romantic comedy outing “Aloha”, in which the pair star.

Talking to a small group of gathered media and special guests in the British capital, where the film is not slated for release for several months, the pair discussed working with the genre-defining director on a film that touches on redemption, the past and, of course, love.

“Aloha” follows a celebrated military contractor, played by Cooper, who returns to Hawaii and one of his greatest career triumphs in the U.S. space program set up there. After arriving under a cloud of failure, Cooper’s character reconnects with a lost love in Rachel McAdams and with hard-charging Air Force watchdog Captain Allison Ng, played by Stone.

Redemption plays a crucial role in the character arc of Brian Gilchrest – Cooper’s character – something he said was a crucial sentiment to connecting with audiences.

“The fact is humans are flawed and to be able to get a second chance – we learn more from our failures than our success and that’s just true, and it’s a story about success with this guy, and then the world that he inhabits, peppered with amazing characters and primarily Ng, Captain Allison Ng, who also – so yeah, it’s also a bit of a lost genre the romantic comedy, you know and Cameron Crowe, I mean people are almost scared to make them these days, because we really haven’t had a really great one in a while and I think Cameron has this ability to write very funny dialogue, but at the same time have it be twisted in a new way you’ve never heard before within the genre, and that it has an impact and that’s the hope that we have, that’s the hope of this movie,” he told Reuters Television.

Juxtapositions of past and future, nature and man and spirituality all take centre stage in “Aloha”, as does the U.S. state of Hawaii. “Aloha” would release in the U.S. on May 29, and in the UK in September.